Web-based Solutions

Custom Data Monitoring Website for Solar Facility Commissioning

By Case Studies, Database Management, Process Analysis, Process Historian, Remote Support, Standardization, Web-based Solutions

Our staff worked with a solar power provider to develop and implement a web-based monitoring system for use at 3 of their new solar power plants. The website was configured to allow internal users to monitor real-time data from each facility, with data access to the general public on a 30 day delay. The system provided operational staff with automatic email and text notifications of equipment alarms. The site included functionality for customer invoicing and utility reporting to comply with regulatory requirements.

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Process Change Management System For A Mining Company

By Case Studies, Database Management, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Mining, Process Analysis, Technology Migration, Web-based Solutions

A diatomaceous earth processing facility worked with us to develop a centralized process change management system. We developed requirements based on their existing system, which was based on Excel spreadsheets. Many of the requirements were designed to provide a robust and automatic approvals process for proposed changes.

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