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Intelligent Automation Series Part 6: Understanding Process Automation Systems

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Intelligent Automation: Understanding Process Automation Systems Welcome to the sixth and last post in the Intelligent Automation Educational Series: Understanding Process Automation Systems, there are a total of six posts…

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Custom Data Monitoring Website for Solar Facility Commissioning

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Our staff worked with a solar power provider to develop and implement a web-based monitoring system for use at 3 of their new solar power plants. The website was configured to allow internal users to monitor real-time data from each facility, with data access to the general public on a 30 day delay. The system provided operational staff with automatic email and text notifications of equipment alarms. The site included functionality for customer invoicing and utility reporting to comply with regulatory requirements.

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SCADA System for Multiple Remote Solar Sites

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Corso met with the SCADA operations team for a large solar power provider to discuss a standardized system built using Wonderware System Platform. The goal was to build objects for the various pieces of equipment at a solar plant, inverters, breakers, power meters, etc., to enable rapid deployment of SCADA systems for new facilities. As part of developing the system, we developed a standardized naming convention for the facilities and all of the data points to allow a script to populate a centralized OSI PI Historian with data from each facility.

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Business System Integration, Process Control, and Analytics for Oil and Gas Refinery

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Jaxon Energy and Cam 2 International teamed up with Corso Systems to implement a process control and information system for its Vicksburg, MS refinery. Jaxon leveraged Siemens WinCC Open Architecture platform plant operation and secure remote and mobile device access the facility. The control system utilized Siemens S7-1200 PLCs and WinCC Open Architecture, giving Jaxon Energy more power and flexibility than they were able to achieve on any of their existing systems, at less cost.

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