Conveyor Speed Sync for an Energy Bar Packaging Facility

By Case Studies, Food and Beverage, HMI, PLC, Process Control

An energy bar manufacturing facility’s processing line used eight standalone pieces of equipment with conveyor belts and the speed of the conveyors needed to be synced across all of the machines for optimal operation. The speeds were previously synced by adjusting potentiometers on each piece of equipment leading to unequal speed variations throughout the line. We worked with the staff to implement a PLC-based system with an operator interface HMI to set the speeds for the line, as well as select which speed should be used at any given time.

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SCADA System for Multiple Remote Solar Sites

By Case Studies, Database Management, HMI, Process Analysis, Process Control, Process Historian, Remote Support, SCADA, Solar, Standardization

Corso met with the SCADA operations team for a large solar power provider to discuss a standardized system built using Wonderware System Platform. The goal was to build objects for the various pieces of equipment at a solar plant, inverters, breakers, power meters, etc., to enable rapid deployment of SCADA systems for new facilities. As part of developing the system, we developed a standardized naming convention for the facilities and all of the data points to allow a script to populate a centralized OSI PI Historian with data from each facility.

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