Canary Labs Integrators

Corso is pleased to announce that we’re officially part of the Canary Integrator Program!

Who is Canary Labs?

Other than an amazing group of people (maybe the most important part.) They make a handful of products that are extremely useful, functional, and intuitive.

At the core they offer a Time Series Historian (more on that later.) This historian is offered either physically on premises or in the cloud. To visualize the data, you have Axiom. It’s the trending and dash boarding tool that you’ve always wanted. It’s user configurable and runs on HTML.

Flash forward into the future. This means that you can embed a Canary Axiom screen into an Ignition Perspective page and let every user modify the Axiom dashboards.

Plus you have the Excel add-on and alarming options.

Someone put together this amazing interactive graphic that we grabbed a copy of, check it out on the CanaryLabs website.

What is a Time Series Historian?

A Historian at its most basic level is a storage and collection of data. You might know it as a data lake, big data, or something along those lines. In Industrial Automation we call them Historians and that’s where the “data is stored.”

Ok, what does time series mean? It means that we store three variables for each of the tags*.  Those three are TVQ.

  • Timestamp
  • Value
  • Quality

*Tag comes from a point on a PLC. You can also think of it as a sensor, a trigger, input, anything that you event off.

Canary Historian, like every other Time Series Historian we know require Windows based server to run on… *Stares down at MacBook Pro and fires up VM*

We could go on and on about historians, which are better for what application, etc. If you’re interesting in more about historians, read our Process Historian Overview and let us know to dive in further.


We would be getting close to negligence if we didn’t mention Axiom because it’s such a powerful tool. In fact this deserves an entire blog post itself, so we’re going to give you the highlights and then check back soon for a more in-depth review.

User configurable.

We cannot tell you how amazing this is! Historically, there are one or a handful of people who are this “Historian People.” They get asked to make all the changes, run the reports. Which while tedious, it a lot better than letting most people into databases.

Ever see someone wipe an entire database by accident? Yeah, it’s better that way.

Now with Axiom, you can empower your Engineers, Managers, Operators, and anyone else who wants to analyze data.

HTML Based

Meaning that you can run it on any web browser. Most of us of course love Google Chrome, but it also works on Firefox. Apparently Microsoft is telling people that Edge isn’t a web browser….and we’re just not going to touch that one.

You can also use it on your phone, chrome books, or embed it into something like and Ignition 8.0 Perspective page.


Have you used or heard of Canary before? Let us know what you think? Want to know more? Feel free to reach out and we’d be happy to share what we know.