Canary provides a historian for the 21st century... and beyond

Flexible, disruptive licensing, HTML 5 visualization, MQTT, and easy integrations.
All these add up to a historian that you need to know when talking data. If it's data collection, data storage, data visualization, or data analytics.

Who is Canary Labs? What do they offer?

At the core, Canary Labs offers a Time Series Process Historian. Then there is Axiom, a world class HTML5 viewer, Excel reporting tools, and Chirp, an Ignition Module.
If you missed it at the top, Corso is a Certified Partner, so of course, we're pretty passionate about this and would be more than happy to show you what we're up to on the platform.

Why Canary?

The fact that is't a world class solution in both data collection and visualization not enough? How about the extremely scalable and easy to understand pricing structure?

They are great people to work with, the platform is really easy to use, and in minutes you too can be up and running.

Canary is out to disrupt the Process Historian market and we're here to tell you about them (and implement a few systems along the way.)

There is a lot going on in the Full Blown Canary series, take a look our first video and let us know what questions you might have, we'll do our best to answer them!

Canary Blog

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