Canary Historian and Axiom Overview

By May 15, 2019 July 12th, 2019 Blog, Canary, Process Historian

Canary Historian and Axiom Overview

Alex, Jason, and Dave were really lucky to sit down with some of the amazing folks at Canary Labs. After spending a couple of days with them, we really wanted to make a video talking about their offerings. This is the first of a handful we’re putting together and hope that you stick with us though the process.


Did you know that Corso is part of the Canary Labs Certified Integrator Program? Find more information about that here.

3 Major Parts

Process Historian

Canary’s Process Historian is a Time Series Historian. This, as we have mentioned is a Historian that stores the TVQ values. Those are Timestamp, Value, Quality. This is fairly standard for Process Historians. Additionally, Canary offers their Asset Model, which allows for relatively quick and easy model building. The general overview is you can take your current equipment, model the tags to build a “digital twin” of those pieces of equipment and then use Axiom to visualize the data.

We get a little bit more into Time Series v. Database Historians and check back soon for updates on process historians.


Is the a beautiful piece of software that allows you to visualize Canary’s Process Historian. Once you’ve built your asset models, you can now dig into the data to really understand what is happening.

It’s fully accessible on HTML5, which means from any of your web browsers. You can export the data out into an Excel spreadsheet via the Excel Add-in tool for the users who would prefer those tools.


Is a module slotted to easily integrate the Canary Labs offerings into Ignition. Allowing for a time series historian as well providing the ability to embed Axiom into Ignition 8 Perspective screens.

As a note, this is not the only way to integrate Ignition and Canary Labs, this is (probably) the easiest part to integration for most facilities.

Want to know more about Canary Labs? You can check out their Corso page… Yeah we like them enough to give them a page on our website. Or contact Dave (773) 241.0004 and he’d be happy to chat more about those solutions.