Boss Mode: Bracketology On Ignition

The idea of Corso doing a March Madness Pool brought mixed levels of excitement. When Corso promised to give the prizes, it got a little better. When John surprised us by going Boss Mode and building Bracketology on Ignition, we were all pretty excited.


This year, we decided to do something different and pick round by round. That way Dave’s National Champion pick can’t go out in the second round. Plus Alex’s decision to pick based on schools that friends and family graduated from, can’t turn out that poorly… John, being the awesome person that he is decided that Dave shouldn’t have to tabulate the totals by hand, so he just build the brackets and launched them. In under 12 hours. While still taking care of his customers.

Corso Systems Bracketology: March For Ribeyes

John “I created an Ignition project for everyone to input their their guesses, It will soon also be a dashboard to see who’s in the lead and will help us keep track of points” After John made his amazing picks to allow us to do the first round, he showed it to everyone and then it was on. Our favorite part, how he called them guesses. Dave may have sold it as no worse than a 50-50 shot at guessing the game.

The Steaks

Literally, the winner get Ribeye!

Second place gets a 12 pack of their favorite beverage

Third place get a 6 pack of their favorite beverage

If you live in California, you get a computer generated email saying thank you for participating. John lives in CA and he can do whatever he wants…

Keeping Score

For some reason John has been in the lead the entire time… We may need a re-count and someone to look at the code. There will not be a repeat of the White Elephant Gift Exchange that John built for his family members….Hint he got all the gifts.

It was a little late for a mass roll out to Corso’s customers (it was 10pm Wednesday night), but the few that got the preview absolutely loved it. When the Stanley Cup, Soccer, and other sports got brought up and we knew that we had found a crowd favorite.  We pushed out the beta to a couple of them early and are not sure if they are using them for this year. We are sure that this is something that we will use for years to come!

As a note: this is a super fun project that John created for us in a couple hours of time and we absolutely love it. Thanks John!

Stay tuned for updates! Or check out our MLB Application on Ignition 8 vision client!

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