Automation Is (Not) A Scary Word.

On a weekly basis, we have conversations with new people. Regardless of industry, one thing tends to stand out: Automation is a scary word.

In facilties where start-up costs span from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions, knees start to tremble.

Automation does not have to be scary. It’s not an all or nothing proposition. It also doesn’t have to be expensive.

Automation is here to help you

It can be as simple as adding a sensor so you don’t need to bend. Changing potentiometers to VFD’s to allow your process to be more accurate. It can be something like remote viewing to allow you to see your process from anywhere.

Corso doesn’t want Automation to take your jobs away. We simply want to make them easier. We want to help your scheduler, schedule easier. Why? Because less setups mean that your maintenance people need to make less changes. Which means your machines might be able to get preventative maintenance. That means your operators can do what they do best, operate your equipment.

It’s a Process

Like everything else you can automate in steps. What are the steps? It depends on what your process looks like and what’s important to you.

At some point, you’re going to need to start measuring your process. Once you measure your process you can start making decisions on how to improve.

In fact we suggest (or beg) you to take this as a process.

Check out Starting an MES Project Should be Simple.

Price Shouldn’t Scare You

Let’s get this out of the way: Could you spend $1M on automation? Yes. Could you spend $100Million on Automation? Of course.

Are most facilities going to write a check this large? No, absolutely not.

More realistically, you’re going to look at replacing legacy parts for better pieces of equipment, updating PLC’s and code, and start visualizing your data.

To Corso, that means you’re going to look at implementing a SCADA and then MES. These are going to help you make business decisions to make your process better. We can start talking about monitoring your solution with CorsoCare.

They are also going to offer a great ROI. We’ve seen an ROI with customers in less than a month. Now this is by no way a promise, just a great example of how “Automation” can actually save you money every day.


Interested in getting started? Contact us and let us guide you through the process.