Automation Fair 2018 Philly Aftermath

Automation Fair 2018, #AutoFair2018, is in the books. The dust has settled, and you’re probably wondering what we thought about it. If you don’t know what Automation Fair is, you can read about our thoughts, here. Plus before Automation Fair, Dave attended Process Systems Users Group, PSUG. That Aftermath report: here.

The Classes

The floor opened pretty early, but there were still a few classes that we were interested in. So Dave jumped into one more class talking about PTC and Factory Talk. Remember the really long name of the new branded product? FactoryTalk Innovation Suite Powered by PTC? Yup, that one. So we went into one last class to learn about what they had to say. Can you see that we’re excited about it!

The Floor

Holy Cow, is this a big show. We really needed a drone to be able to take a picture of the whole thing. We did not bring a drone. It probably would have been frown

Wanting to make sure that he “saw everything”, Dave walked around and every corner seemed like the floor was getting larger and larger. The most impressive thing is being able to see the entire ecosystem that is Rockwell Automation. It’s the once a year that you can see everything, plus you get to talk to people. If you’re looking for a Project Lead, a Director, or one of the Engineers that works on your favorite project? Most of those people are going to be on the floor.

The People

In addition to everyone that was available from Rockwell, there were a ton of great conversations to be had! In addition to Dave, both Olivia, and Marguerite were there for Thursday. Plus there were a lot of people from the Rexel contingent, who we would list, but are not sure if you want to list your names. Our friend and fellow content creator, Zack Scriven was there. You got us all with pulling out the camera mid conversation!

Plus a ton of people in the Mid-Atlantic. Our friends at Eastern Controls Inc were there including Dave’s friend Matt. We’re not sure that Matt reads the blog nor reads this far….so this is what you get!

USS New Jersey

A huge shout out to Rexel and the fantastic event that they put on! Everything was first rate, including the USS New Jersey Dinner. We enjoyed spending the time with all of you and then a little more when the snow came down!

Full Shot Credit to Mike DeStefano of Rexel USA for capturing this amazing shot of Dave (and Bill). This was before it got cold!

There were a lot of people we didn’t mention and a lot more we didn’t see. If you were at AutoFair 2018 let us know what you thought.

Next year #AutoFair2019 is in Chicago, we’re looking forward to that one!