Announcing Corso Care

As we kick off what is already shaping up to be an exciting 2018, we are proud to announce the release of our new support product Corso Care!

The idea behind Corso Care is to give you the first line of defense against downtime. If something goes offline in the middle of the night when production is down, it is better to have it fixed before you come in to start production in the morning. The worse alternative being a mad scramble to figure out what is going on and rush to get things back online. If production doesn’t go down for the night, you need someone to be on top of things right away to keep everything running. No one plans the precise moment everything is going to crash, so you need to have a plan in place to handle it when it does happen.

Corso Care handles this in a few ways. First, we set up a small bit of code on your system to automatically keep us up to date on the health of your servers. If something goes down, goes into failover mode, or starts having slowdowns Corso Care will send out an alert to our internal systems and team members to track when the issue occurred and let us know to get started on resolving it ASAP.

Your first line of defense against downtime.

We use Corso Care to monitor our internal servers, and use a couple of third-party tools to monitor the health of the machines our servers are running on. An internal dashboard accessible to our team to monitor the health of all Corso Care customers, and instructions on how to access customer servers in the event of an issue. We keep track of best practices for getting things back online, including an internal management tool we also use for training purposes.

Everything gets sent out to our internal communications systems, as well as email, SMS, and voice notifications in real-time, so as soon as there is something we need to know about, we will know about it.

We also take frequent backups of your servers, PLC code, etc., stored off-site for quick disaster recovery should things go wrong.


At the end of the month, we distribute a report to your team detailing the health of your system for the month, including any downtime instances, with times, causes, and how long it took to get things back up and running.

In addition to monitoring your systems, we take a proactive approach to maintenance with time included for updating for patches and version releases of your software and automated log monitoring to help us fix any non-system breaking issues as they happen.

Corso Care is peace of mind to know you are covered if something goes awry. Our goal is to get things fixed before you even realized there was a problem. Let us know if you are interested, we can work with any HMI or server software on the market, and can get you up and running almost as quickly as you can give us access to your system.