Acronyms Are Hard: MES Manufacturing Execution System

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Manufacturing Execution System, MES, is a really fancy term for helping visualize data to better make business decisions.  Whoooo….we better back up a little bit.

An MES is generally a catch all term for various modules that allow for better understanding of a process. Corso likes to start with OEE, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, which we generally include with Downtime Tracking. We will talk more specifically about OEE, soon, stay tuned. As a 10,000ft view, OEE calculates a number (out of 100%) that speaks to the goal of the line versus the actual output of the line.

Corso likes to specifically calculate the downtime (all the time that the line is not working versus the time that you think it should be running) and then extrapolate the out the reasons of why the line was down. Downtime tracking has helped many of Corso’s customers find an amazing quick ROI for the entire program.

After OEE and Downtime Tracking, there are many options that allow an MES to be tailored to your particular process. Recipe Management is an extremely popular option to Corso’s Customers. This will allow you specifically track your recipes (which for this is any differences in your facility, this could me manufactured parts, types of ice cream, different sizes or clothing, or anything else in your process.) After we’ve gone through and integrated an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, everyone loves when we build out a PO On Deck, allowing for the next production order to be installed in the system.

Take Away

Your MES is specifically designed for your process and hand tailored to make sure that it runs properly. After this is up and running the end goal is to allow you to make business decisions off of your MES, find efficiencies, make a better product, generate more profit and hopefully grow!

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