A Preamble TechToberFest 2018

Last year, Dave and Alex went to TechToberFest 2017, presented by Applied Controls Incorporated. When they were walking out, they made a commitment to head back in 2018. Here’s your invite to join them and a few hundred other great people.

How good is this? Dave is willing to call it the best regional event of the year. Malvern, PA has never looked so good. It’s good enough to pencil it in on the calendar yearly!


What Should You Expect!


This is a first rate event in the style of Oktoberfest. Complete with full pigs they are roasting and of course beer. Beyond the lunch that will make you want to take an afternoon nap, there are jam packed classes.

There are a lot of Siemens classes offered, as Applied Controls is a Siemens Distributor. Plus Sick, Cognex, and robots! There is a really interesting “cobots”, collaborative robots seminar, that is can’t miss.

Additionally, we’re fully expecting the latest and greatest of Siemens traveling road show. 2017 brought about a new trailer and traveling show for them, which was extremely well done. It’s not often you can get people from Siemens and a distributor with amazing product knowledge.


Product Knowledge

That feeling when you talk to someone extremely knowledgeable about their specific product. That’s what you’re going to feel when you walk into TechToberFest! We should take a moment and call out the amazing Applications Engineers and staff of Applied Controls. Six of Applied Controls Applications Engineers have earned Siemens Eagle Awards! How impressive is this? We’re told less than 5% of those eligible earn the award on a yearly basis.


Get some hands on experience working with robots, vision systems, and more. Corso has at least one customer who makes this yearly trek for the learning experience alone.

P.S. Remember to show up early, otherwise you’re going to be parking a way off.


TechToberFest learn some stuff and have a great time!

There’s still time to register for the best regional event in the Mid-Atlantic, TechToberFest 2018! Thursday October 4th, 2018

Can’t see us there? Join us somewhere else at the end of 2018.