A Preamble Automation Fair 2018


If you’ve managed to make it this far without hearing about Automation Fair, congratulations! Once a year Rockwell Automation throws what it widely considered the place to be in the ENTIRE WORLD. This year is going to be in Philly November 14th and 15th. Process Systems User Group is on the 12th and 13th.

We’re excited and Corso will have a group out there! Dave has his PSUG ticket purchased and will be there all week long with the Rexel contingent. Olivia should be there on Thursday for the fair itself. We’re still trying to confirm everyone else.

What You Should Expect

To take a deep breath and try to enjoy the experience. It’s going to be enormous. Rockwell is going to be there. The Partner Network is going to be there. That basically means 150 plus booths of really interconnected people. Everyone who is there is really into the ecosystem. PTC is going to have a bunch of presence, $1 BILLION will do that for you. We’ve heard lots of really interesting rumors, stay tuned for more on that! We might even smack a press pass on the badge and try to get into the “special meetings”.

PLUS you’re going to get the Mid-Atlantic draw, so friends of the blog have been confirmed. On top of all that we’re going to get the end users and the SI’s like Corso.

Process Systems User Group

Is the first two days and will be all the users. We’re going to get a lot of really great information. Hopefully learn a lot, meet the right people, and come off of this stronger.

If you’ve read out TechEd post, think of it like that, but more forward looking!

A couple of interesting sessions about PlantPAX, and where they are going. There is also a session with FactoryTalk and ThingWorx (PTC). Plus Dave gets to ask other people questions about MES integrations.


Automation Fair

We’re mostly there to walk the floor and talk to everyone there. For some of you, it’s been years since the last time that Dave’s seen you! Being able to see everything laid out in all its beauty is worth the trip. There is a FANUC session and an MES session, that we’re going to try to make it.


Are You Going?

Reach out. Hit us up Dave@CorsoSystems.com or drop Dave a line at (773) 241.0004. We’re going to be pretty busy, but we’ll make it a point to get together!