More than just an account…..


When was the last time someone said thank you? If you recently had a conversation with Corso, we hope it was us. That’s because you’re more than just an account to us, you’re more than just a place we trudge because it’s the next line on the schedule.


You have a story.


You’re Scott and his brewery that he’s sweat and bleed over the last years to grow. Scott, met us while volunteering at a race and we bonded over the love of beer. You told us about brewing and needed some help with automating your process and bottling line.

You’re Sarah who is looking to help the family business grow to the next level by implementing more technology to give your workers a better quality of life. Sarah was introduced to us by one of our vendors, Corso helped improve her business, kept doing work for them, and the rest they say is history….

You’re John, who was looking to differentiate yourself from a very competitive market. John worked next to Dave in a previous life, we talked about how great Wegmans is as a grocery store and how Maryland and New York were very different places.

More than just problems….


Of course, Corso wants to always listen to your problems and provide you with a solution, but it’s more than that….

We want to know your story because making a connection and knowing you – more than a job title and problems – is important. Putting yourself out there isn’t easy, Corso knows that, so we’ve taken the first step by telling you about us. We’re telling you about things that wouldn’t come up in normal conversation because we want to get the conversation started.


You’re a person, we respect you for that.


We talk about Corso being a family, and that it very true. There is probably something about Alex or us that drew you towards Corso, and something that has kept many of you coming back for more. You are a whole person, who probably enjoys doing some fun things on a weekend, so do we. Have you seen Evan skydiving or Alex playing his guitar? Dave’s latest camping trip, or Bill’s latest project. Tell us more about yourself, let us learn about your personality and loves, help us understand you, so we can help you.


So if you’re new to Corso, welcome to the family, please say Hi!

If you want to know more about us, you can check out our blog and our YouTube Channel. We try to provide interesting content so you can keep up with all the goings of Corso.