TechToberFest 2017

Alex and Dave knew that they had made the right decision to go to TechToberFest, when there was a line of people heading in when they were parking. The affirmation, was doubled down when there were so many robots, we had to ask which robot booth are you located at? The winner for Alex was when Steven walked up to Dave and said I recognize you from your YouTube videos! Thanks for that Steven, there will be many many more videos for you guys to watch.


Very rarely do we get to walk into a who’s who of the Mid-Atlantic and that’s what we found. In addition to our amazing hosts at Applied Controls, more on them later, we had both new and old friends at Siemens, Universal Robotics, Ready Robotics, we had Red Lion, who just launched Crimson 3.1 (like 24 hours before the event), Sick, and Cognex. Our friends at DMC Inc had a booth mixing drinks, and I’m sure that we’re missing more people than we’ve listed. Needless to say it was extremely impressive. Plus we got to hang out with some of our customers, who make this event an annual pilgrimage, we’d love to tell you more about them, but we couldn’t get legal approval. Dave and Andrew, if you’re reading this, it was great to see you. Tell Barry and everyone else that we’ll catch them next year.

Applied Controls Doing It Right!

Our hosts at Applied Controls were amazing! We mentioned Steven, an amazing Applications Engineer, Nick, who was running around like a mad man, Joe, the person who initially reached out to us and we will ever be grateful to! Without listing the other thirty or forty people we met, thank you all and the amazing event you put on. The conversations left us enthused and looking forward to doing work together, in fact after we left there were a few more hours of work that got done!

We were trying to give them a look at some of our WinCC OA work, when we realized that 600 people on WiFi and cell connections, really make it hard to get on the VPN. All our longtime readers won’t be surprised that we were talking about BrewTel, or the fact that there was beer being served and lederhosen. There would have been a picture here, of the polka band except for the fact that we were too busy poking Bill to see if he had brought back lederhosen from Germany (the week before.)


Beer is just going to be a super ongoing part of the history of Corso.

Also somehow not pictured were the pigs, as in yes, more than one, that we devoured. Ever wonder how much pork 600 people can eat? If you guessed all of it, the answer would be yes, and then probably some more!

You know about the robots, you don’t know about everything that Siemens brought with them, if you’ve seen it they had it. Plus they had a brand new trailer and twenty or thirty of their people! It was like every room that we walked into, we found friends, new and old, and there were a lot of rooms. In fact when we left six or so hours after we got there, we didn’t even come close to seeing everything or saying hello to everyone.

How To Finish??


So how do you finish off the event that hundreds of people look forward to every year? With commemorative beer “steins” and beer of course. What happens after the classes, of which there are myriad, is legendary, but will have to be redacted to it includes beer to fill those “steins”.

What was the takeaways that everyone should bring from this?

  1. Evan should have taken us up on the flight out to the East Coast so he could have attended.
  2. Alex and Dave will make it out to a few of the Applied Controls offices this year
  3. They will also be back to TechToberFest 2018
  4. You NEED to come to TechToberFest, like it doesn’t matter where you are, make the trip out
  5. You should use Corso for your integration work because we’re awesome!

P.S. For everyone asking, they are Wooden Bow Ties, and come from Two Guys Bow Ties!

P.P.S. Steven, you asked for the blog post, I hope that we did you right!