We’re here to help you and sometimes you just don’t want to talk to a person. So we’ve put together these videos, case studies, and blog posts to help answer some of your questions before we talk. If you do want to talk about anything, check out our office hours page, it’s like college, only we actually want to talk to you!

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January 18, 2018

The Baggage Claim Manifesto

Baggage Claim Let’s face it, travel in this industry is part of the gig. Whether it’s a short trip for a valuable meet-and-great with a new customer, or a prolonged…

BlogDaveGear Reviews
January 17, 2018

Corso Travel Tips & Tricks

Corso Travel Tips & Tricks So we travel a lot. Enough to realize something was up when Chicago’s Midway Airport (MDW) did a whole sale change with their stores. Enough…

BlogDaveHMIHMI/PLCPLCProcess ControlSCADATechnology Migration
January 12, 2018


DCS v. PLC/SCADA We kicked off the blog and video series talking about the Intelligent Automation Pyramid. Part of that was specifically talking about PLC/SCADA v. DCS and that video…

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Case Studies

AboutBlogCase StudiesCorso's CornerDaveManufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
December 13, 2017

Thanks For 2017, 2018 Will Be Bigger And Better

Thanks For 2017! 2018 Will Be Bigger And Better A huge shot out to each and everyone of you that help Corso make 2017 a year for the record books!…

BlogCase StudiesCorso's Corner
June 29, 2017

Change Is A Good Thing

Welcome! If you’ve new to Corso, Welcome! If you’ve been part of the family for a while, Welcome back! We might have broken bread, had a Barbeque, or shared drinks….

Case StudiesHMI/PLCOil and GasProcess ControlSCADA
June 16, 2017

Hydrotreater Process Control System

Project Summary Jaxon Energy teamed up with Corso Systems to develop a new control and information system for its Jackson, MS hydrotreating plant. Jaxon leveraged Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk software suite...
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Office Hours

You get asked a lot of questions

Easy questions like what you do for a living... where you are from... where you went to school...

Fun questions like who is your favorite sports team — what's the best restaurant in town — or what music you would have on a desert island.

Tough questions like how are you going to meet your production quotas with less budget, staff, and without new equipment?

Do you enjoy asking questions? Even difficult ones?

  • How do you interface a certain PLC with a certain piece of software?
  • Is the price you are being charged for this work fair?
  • Can you find an easy way to tell when your bottles are full? Everything so far hasn’t worked.
  • Maybe your business has nothing to do with manufacturing, what can you do to improve your operation?
  • What is MES, PLM, SCADA, PMP, PE, ERP, and SIL, and why should you care?
  • How do you find the right people for your team?
  • Can this super complicated work flow be simplified so you don’t have to spend 90% of your day troubleshooting confusion?

More information lets you make better decisions

Arming yourself with more information gives you more options. You can see new possibilities and find new ways to get where you want to be.

Sometimes you just need some moral support. We have been there... Knowing someone else has been down the same road is sometimes all you need to push into new territory.

What do you want to learn?

If you had a group of experts at your disposal, available to answer any question you might have, would you step up to the plate and ask?

It doesn't even have to be manufacturing related.

  • Want some help navigating social media?
  • What podcasts we listen to when we are driving to a job-site?
  • What beer we had in some far-away land and are craving to this day?
  • What about the best places to eat wherever we have done a project?