Dave’s Pizza and Beer


Beer also played an important role in Dave’s relationship to Beth, now his wife. While they were dating and Beth was in College, Dave would drive in on Friday night and they would make Pizza and drink beer. After a while Beth’s friends caught onto this schedule and suddenly started being there for pizza night. Soon the single pizza grew to two and more pizza’s.  The six pack grew to a twelve pack and then a thirty bottle case. Dave’s a beer snob and if he’s going to drink mass produced beer, it’s damn well going to be in bottles!

It’s Imported!


Before everyone starts the hate parade again, Dave does want to point out that it was always technically Imported beer. Imported from Canada. Eventually they settled into Blue light. Mostly because this was something they couldn’t agree on anything else. When it was cold, it was better than most beers, boy did they drink a lot of it!


After College, the pizza and beer tradition continued, living in a few different places. Eventually the pizza became less frequent. They would add a little variety to what we were eating, but the Blue Light continued. One weekend while Beth was staying with her sister, they purchased a thirty bottle pack. To get the free hat inside! After drinking them over a couple of weeks, that was enough and the Blue light was no more.

Too Much Corona?

There was the week of camping with Corona and a lot of limes. Nothing washes Dave’s spicy pot of stuff down than ice cold Corona. Ironically Beth’s brother-in-law can get Corona for free and Dave and Beth have moved away from Corona…


Tastes have changed. They have almost exclusively moved away from the cheap stuff and are much more focused on the process and materials of how things are made. The quality over quantity. There was the summer that they went almost exclusively to vegan wine. If you want a strange look go into a liquor store and ask about Vegan wine. Fun fact most wine isn’t vegan thanks to the fermentation process, but that is a story for another time.


For anyone wondering…they still have the hat!


Memories of Beer Series Overview


An important note that should go without saying: We do not condone underage drinking.