BrewTel Event Reno, 2017


Corso loves the opportunity to have events with other groups.  Alex, Evan, John, and Dave all headed out to beautiful Reno, NV to talk automating brewing processes. There are a lot of craft breweries in Reno. Twenty seven at last count (the number of them that we’ve been to is a closely guarded secret.)

Mill Street Still and Brew

Will was our gracious host at Mill Street Still and Brew, where Corso has done the Systems Integration work earlier in the year. Will and the crew have done an amazing job of putting everything together as they designed everything and built the facility from scratch, up to and including all the tanks for their beer and spirits. Joining Corso, were Jack and Trevor from KAASM, talking about Siemens WinCC OA, and the services that they can provide.


Next up was Dave talking about BrewTel. He showed the beta that we have up and running where we plan on it going in the future. Scott, from Under the Rose, was telling everyone how excited he was for the chance to get BrewTel into his facilities. Plus the work we’ve been doing on the bottling machine with him.

Whipple and OA

Alex talked about the work that we have done with Whipple. The controls system and how they benefitted from WinCC OA. Will graciously told everyone of his experiences with Corso, we’re amazing! Both in general (this was the 6th or 7th project we’ve done together) and the parts that he really appreciates while ramping up his brewery and still.


We were really treated with Jeff from Siemens talking about LIMS, Laboratory Information Management Systems. Even after hearing about this a few times it was really nice to hear from the guy in the trenches working with this software every week. Jeff is a really smart guy and if you have any questions on the Siemens LIMS software, reach out, as they are rated #1 in LIMS. This is especially helpful with food and beverage.

Augmented Reality 

Bob, from iQ Agent wowed us with his AR (Augmented Reality) set up. There was an iPad that we got to 

play around with as well as a HoloLense! It will surprise everyone here that Dave was neither able to get a freebie, nor able to convince the boss that we should expense it for customer demos…..

Of course there was food and beer!

After eating, we all took a tour through the brewery, Will graciously allowed us as question and really getting into the nitty gritty. After spending a few weeks in the control room, it still put a smile on all of our faces.


10 Torr Vodka

If this wasn’t a beer blog, we’d have told you about the AMAZING VODKA! 10 Torr is from the fact that they use pressure and not temperature in order to make the vodka. The aroma and taste was intentionally left in the liquor because it creates a very unique arrangement and is a hit! In fact there may or may not have been cases of vodka carted out and shipped home after the event.


We’ve got a ton of video that’s floating on the hard drive and we will work on putting something together for everyone in the next couple of weeks. Interested in seeing everything?

Thanks again to Bob, for helping us get pictures of everyone looking like a fool! Plus Evan is wishing everyone a Happy Tropical Tuesday!