A Human Machine Interface (HMI), or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is a specialized software program used to display the state ofindustrial processes, communicate with PLCs to control the process and notify operators of any alarms or upsets in the process. HMI/SCADA systems play a large part in the world of industrial automation.

HMI/SCADA systems consist of a graphical interface used to display process conditions, historical process data, and alarms. The interface allows operators to control process equipment by means of a PLC. Depending on the HMI/SCADA software the system may be stand-alone, running on a workstation, or server-based, running on a central server accessible from clients via a software program or web-browser. HMI/SCADA systems typically rely on scripts to enable advanced functionality, allowing for code re-usability. Some HMI/SCADA platforms allow for the inclusion of IP Cameras for additional plant security, and can be integrated with various business systems to streamline workflows, understand costs, and manage energy usage.

Our Philosophy

Having spent time with every major HMI/SCADA platform, we focus on writing structured, well-designed applications. The benefit with this approach is an easy to understand, flexible system, capable of modification for future needs. We have libraries of graphics and scripts we have developed and tested, currently running some of the top facilities in the world, available for new systems.

Put simply, our goal is to build a system anyone can maintain in the future. Our customers should never feel like we are the only resource available to maintain their systems.

We follow the 'High Performance HMI' development methodology, giving your operators the most useful HMI/SCADA system possible. This methodology reduces operator confusion during the critical times when things are going wrong and need to be fixed immediately. When things are functioning normally, High Performance HMI/SCADA systems give you operators the information they need in ways most useful to understand the current state of the process.

Corso Systems' HMI/SCADA Engineering Service Offerings and Experience

We can develop new HMI/SCADA systems from the ground up, and can troubleshoot, update, and modify existing systems anywhere in the world. We are experienced with Siemens, Rockwell, Wonderware, Inductive Automation, and others. We integrate HMI/SCADA systems with other devices and systems including, but not limited to, predictive maintenance and CMMS systems, security camera systems, manufacturing execution systems, databases, ERP systems, LIMS systems, and other business systems such as </b>shipping</b> or inventory management systems.

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