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Historian for a Mineral Processing Company

Project Summary

A large diatomaceous earth process company wanted to historize process data from one of its older facilities and view the data using modern trending and reporting tools.

After using the system, maintenance staff uncovered the cause of a common maintenance issue, reducing future troubleshooting time by an average of 85%.

Project Details

Northern NV

Database management, Process Analytics

  • Collect and analyze process data
  • Standardized systems
  • Automated data analysis
  • Develop system using cutting-edge software
  • Implement system and train personnel on its operation
  • Reduce overhead costs for data analysis
  • Decreased troubleshooting time
  • Historized data
  • Increased data visibility


The client had previous experience with FactoryTalk Historian at another facility. After upgrading one of their older facilities with a new power generation system they wanted to be able to track generation data as well as process data at this facility.

We worked with their process engineer to identify which datapoints they wanted to store as well as to develop the VantagePoint model for making the data easily accessible to operators and maintenance staff.

Once we had determined the relevant data we implemented the system and provided training for the facility's staff.

After becoming familiar with the system one of the maintenance crew members began looking into issues with some of their equipment and found a correlation between pressure readings and motor failures in different areas of the process. This information reduced the amount of time to find and troubleshoot these issues from almost a day to less than an hour, a decrease of more than 85% on average.


  • FactoryTalk Historian
  • FactoryTalk VantagePoint
  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLCs
  • SQL Server


Process data stored in a centralized database

Data accessible from outside of the HMI application, including access to corporate staff

Automated reporting capability reduced amount of time collecting data required for periodic reporting on various process conditions

Maintenance staff was able to reduce the time to troubleshoot and fix common issues by more than 85% than prior to having historical data

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