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Wonderware Historian to FactoryTalk Historian Migration

Project Summary

A diatomaceous earth processing company had two facilities with Wonderware Historian installations on older server hardware.

After years of exposure to an extremely harsh environment the server at one of the facilities catastrophically failed. We were able to recover historical data from the machine and exported it to Factory Historian.

The Wonderware Historian configuration was migrated to FactoryTalk Historian and the data was imported with no loss of data.

Prior to hardware failure at the second site we migrated their historical data in a similar way to Factorytalk Historian

Project Details

Lovelock NV, Vale OR

Database management, Technology Migration, Process Analytics

  • Recover from hardware failure
  • Migrate historic data with no lsoses
  • Implement and test new backup strategies
  • Reverse-Engineer existing functionality
  • Develop system using new hardware and software
  • Implement system and train personnel on its operation
  • Decreased risk of data loss
  • No data loss at either facility
  • Implemented and tested more robust backup strategies


Our staff was familiar with the company's existing systems having implemented them originally. We worked on new server hardware at each facility and installed all of the software components. From there we exported all of the Incuity components and imported them into VantagePoint, configured communications between FactoryTalk Historian and various PLCs and configured communications between VantagePoint and FactoryTalk Historian.

Next we went through the existing Wonderware InSQL/Historian configuration and set up all of the tags to be imported into FactoryTalk Historian. Once imported we verified data was coming across correctly from the process.

Finally we exported data from the existing Wonderware InSQL/Historian server and developed scripts to automatically import the data into FactoryTalk Historian.

The client was then able to use the new VantagePoint and FactoryTalk Historian system to view new data and all data that had been collected on the old system with a seamless transition and was able to decommission and remove the old server at each facility.


  • Wonderware Historian
  • Wonderware Historian Client
  • FactoryTalk Historian
  • FactoryTalk VantagePoint
  • SQL Server


Reduced risk of data loss

All facilities on the same software platform

Improved backup strategies

Reduced licensing and support costs

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