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Process Change Management System for a mining company

Project Summary

A diatomaceous earch processing facility worked with us to develop a centralized process change management system.

We developed requirements based on their existing system basd on Excel spreadsheets. Many of the requirements were designed to provide a robust and automatic approvals process for proposed changes.

The new system was much more user friendly and automatically notified the appropriate personnel when a change request was initiated and at various points during its lifecycle.

Project Details

Lovelock, NV

Web-based tools, Process Management, Operations Optimization

  • Centralize Process Change Management
  • Implement a robust, automatic, approval process
  • Reduce overhead by implementing automatic lifecycle notifications
  • Develop requirements based on business processes
  • Implement web-based system
  • Train personnel on system operation
  • Centralized process change management
  • Increased awareness for safety and operations staff
  • Decreased administrative overhead


Our client is very aware of new technology and is always looking for ways to both optimize their process and find new materials capable of withstanding the harsh environment their product creates while it is being processed. As a result they frequently upgrade portions of their process and keep excellent documentation on these changes.

Prior to this project process changes were requested by filling out an Excel document, saving it on the corporate server and printing out multiple copies for people to review and approve the change. Managing this process required a significant amount of time relaying information and collecting approvals or modifications to the request before it could be approved.

Our system replaces this Excel document with a web-based interface. When creating a new change request the creator can select different people or titles required to approve the change as well as different individuals or departments required to be notified of the change. This process now happens automatically as soon as the change request is generated.

In addition to the initial notifications an approvals engine is used to manage the process of completing a change. Once the change has been implemented the change requestor marks it as complete in the system. The Safety Coordinator is the notified and requested to mark it complete. It goes through as many rounds of this as needed based on the change's impact until the Plant Manager is notified and the change is marked as complete in the system. This process reduces the amount of time the change requestor spends tracking people down and getting their approvals. It also makes it easier for people to communicate their concerns about a change by being made aware of the change earlier in the process.


  • SQL Server
  • jQuery
  • Javascript


Process change requests are now stored in a central database

Process changes can be tracked throughout their lifecycle in one location accessible at anytime

Information about who created the change request is stored automatically

Affected personnel are automatically notified when a process change request is submitted and/or approved

Process change approvals are now requested automatically by the system reducing the amount of time spent managing the approval workflow

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