Your Beer, Your Information, in Your Pocket, Your Piece of Mind
The Birth

BrewTel was born from an off the cuff conversation while talking about a bottling machine that needed work. Explaining what Corso does on a regular basis: taking a process and putting that information online viewable from anywhere. The brewers had a lightbulb moment, I WANT MY BREWERY IN MY POCKET.


Through a few conversations, and Corso’s understanding of brewing, we were doing concurrent work at a large brewery. The fact that fermentation can take two or more weeks and many times brewers sleep at the brewery in case there are any issues, there needed to be a good solution for small, craft brewers before some huge expensive project. It all starts with taking the tank temperature measurements. Now you can know instantaneously wherever you are, what your beer is doing.

Fermentation is a 24/7 process

Another major thing that we continued to hear was the fact that fermentation doesn’t take breaks. It doesn’t stop for weekends, or Birthdays, or children’s events. Adding an alarm function gives you the ability to take a break. Leave the brewery, and when you are feeling anxious, just look on your phone, see that everything is fine.

Now we could have stopped there, with a couple of cool features for a single brewery, but we kept going. Brewers are artisans, you have your craft, we have ours and we want to bring our craft to each one of you, as you deserve it!.

Anywhere in the World

BrewTel takes Your Beer, Your Information, puts it in Your Pocket, Provides You with Peace of Mind. It does this by adding the ability to label batches and watch them through your entire process, plus it lets you take notes on the individual batches! It incorporates your brewers log, so it’s all in one place. Those alarm functions are available, not just momentarily, but also trending, so you know if something is heating or cooling a little too quickly.

BrewTel is completely customizable. Want to add a screen, indicator lighting, or audible alarms? Whatever you want, it can be easily set up to your specifications.

Everyone HATES Taxes

As a Brewer, you not only have to pay your taxes to the IRS, but you need to file your TTB’s, quarterly or bi-weekly (which means twice a month and three times in September). If you’re like us, you don’t remember where everything is, so we built BrewTel to be able to auto-generate the TTB forms. Just use it normally, answer a few questions like your information and tax rate, then just confirm the information, mail it and forget it.



“No more digging for information, BrewTel does paperwork!”

Quick Installation

When we come in for the quick installation, we will set up BrewTel and make sure that everything is working. Then we’ll make sure you understand how the software works. It’s quick and painless. The best part is you don’t have to use every feature from the beginning, use the remote viewer and alarms. When you’re ready to add notes, and then you can let it do your taxes. This is about you and making your brewing process easier and you’re life better!

BrewTel is like you cloned yourself, only it doesn’t ask for a beer at the end of the day.

Want to know more? Check out how BrewTel provides you with the peace of mind you deserve. You can also check out the BrewTel Website.

If you’re looking to add more automation to your facility than this, check out our Brewing post with other services we offer.

Ready to move forward? Give Dave a call/text or send him an email and we can get you set up today!