Boss Mode: Starting Projects

Corso get’s a lot of questions as to the best way to start a new major project. Quite frankly, it’s something that it always in a bit of a flux for us. We know that we can always create a better process, reduce the back and forth questions, and spend development time making everything better. So we’re going to tell you how we start major projects currently. When we update the process, we’ll let you know about that as well.

Building a SCADA and an MES is a process that is fluid. When we go in to talk to a new potential facility, we show them some of the work that we do, and their mind explodes. (Mostly metaphorically, every once in a while, there are a few tears.) After the fourth or fifth screen, they probably are not going to remember that we can integrate their phone systems, create a push-pull integration with their ERP, and put the whole thing in the cloud. Try explaining every minor detail and the conversation is lost. Corso has built enough of these systems to let us know what every customer needs and what many want, so we start there. Typically, after hours of discussion at various levels, a scope, and an agreement, we’re ready to start.

Our philosophy is that we’re going to treat everyone well and when the first part of the work is done, we are going to want to continue to work together. When there is a good working relationship, this is almost always the case.

How you ask? A System Architecture Guide of course!

The System Architecture Guide is a living document and allows the development to happen. What Color Scheme are we using? Is it Green for “good”, Orange for “warning/caution”, and Red for “bad”? Or do those colors mean something already in places across the facility? Every once in a while we’ll run into a facility that uses those colors in their logo. That’s the point where we need to have the conversation. Are we going with a light background and dark text or do we want to flip it for some reason? Yes best practices today call for a light background. If done properly, a black background looks amazing. At the end of the day we’re developing for real people, and everyone needs to be happy. What symbols are we using and which symbols do we need? We better all agree on those in the beginning, because it’s not a change that you like to continuously make.

Is there a question as to what the window layout will look like? Check the System Architecture Guide. Corso will go through and make sure that all of the colors and documentation correlates to what is currently in use. If this is a new or major project, we’ll take you through the industry best practices.

Then we’ll develop a world class system for you. When we’re done we’ll move onto the next project with you. Because that’s what we do, relationships are almost a important as providing a system that all your friends will be envious.  The System Architecture Guide is one of the first steps that help us do what we do best.


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