WinCC OA Meets ISA 95

By: Alex Marcy on March 08, 2016
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If you haven't seen WinCC OA before you are now in for a treat.

Arguably the best object oriented HMI/SCADA system on the market, WinCC OA has improved, built-in functionality, that cements its place as the foundation of a company's Manufacturing Execution System.

We recently wrapped up a 2 day training course at the Siemens HMI Center of Competence facility in Plano TX. This class highlighted the latest and greatest changes in 3.14 including S7 Symbolic Addressing, a new script debugger, a game-changing update to the Ultralight Client, a new and improved wizard generation tool, and the inclusion of OPC HDA, among other things.

The real star of the show for us was the functionality of the Plant Modeling tool. This tool makes it as simple as possible to map datapoints to a model of the plant providing the backbone for MES integrations built on the ISA 95 Standard.

What does this mean?

This tool means that out of the box you can build a model of your process, include each one of your facilities, and build a tree-based model of your entire organization. The end result is just like the drag and drop trend tool we put together for our Jaxon Energy project, without any of the scripting up front. The scripting, debugging, and testing required for our trend tool? Done in a matter of minutes, with zero hassle.

Leveraging WinCC OA's strengths as a distributed system capable of communicating across many different sites, supervisory layers, and information systems along with the ease of building a visual model of the entire system makes for one of the easiest to manage software packages on the market.


With this modeling tool you can easily:

  • Build a plant model based navigation structure for your application
  • Develop a single OEE/Downtime Tracking Screen and AUTOMATICALLY populate data from the model, reducing development and maintenance overhead of your system.
  • Never have to worry about the time involved in adding a new item to the tree, you don't need to touch a line of code like the old method.

ISA 95 is not a new concept, and we leverage it on a daily basis. Other software on the market has similar functionality, but it can be a pain in the neck to configure, and is not nearly as user friendly as it is in version 3.14 of WinCC OA.

Keep in mind WinCC OA still plays well with databases, has built-in reporting tools, and with 3.14's new JSON scripting tools, makes it even easier to integrate with web-based systems and APIs.

We are always excited to see what we can do next in the WinCC OA world, and the updates to this tool enable us to utilize WinCC OA for any type of MES project we can throw at it. Not to mention the device agnostic functionality of the new Ultralight client, with a huge decrease in the amount of development time to get it up and running, WinCC OA can change the way you do business.

Oh, and by the way, we are now a certified WinCC OA Solution partner, check out the newsletter here.

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