Simple - Save yourself time, resources, and hassle

By: Alex Marcy on May 04, 2015
Tagged: Education

While researching and writing the first parts of an upcoming series on the High Performance HMI methodology, a theme emerged.


Looking from a high-level view of everything you might encounter in industry, the concept of simplicity is widely applicable.

What is simple?

Simple is not getting bogged down by unnecessary complexity. Simple is making things work in a way anyone can follow them. Simple is leaving your ego at the door.

When does simple work?

Simple works when things get crazy and when things are quiet. Simple solutions are easy to understand when you are under pressure and need to track down the root cause of an alarm. When you come back to a piece of code a year later, simple solutions don't take you 20 minutes to unravel and understand. Simple works just as well as complex when things are at steady-state.

Where can simple be used?

Just about anything can be done more simply. It may take some work to unravel all of the effort it takes to maintain a complex system, and a new way of thinking about new systems, however these are easy hurdles to jump over.

Why simple?

Simple saves you time by making it easy to understand and modify. Simple saves you headaches by not locking you into any one supplier, programmer, or paradigm. Simple saves you resources by not requiring as many changes to get it working.

Simple makes it easy to do things the right way, the first time.

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