The Best Tool Yet

By: Alex Marcy on April 07, 2015
Tagged: Education

Across all industries, software platforms, development methodologies, what is the best tool?

The best tool is dependent on what you are trying to accomplish. Have a nail? Use a hammer, an apply as necessary to any problem type of idea.

We are 100% focused on making our customers' jobs easier.

If changing lives is a nail, what is our hammer?


Not simply teaching the world what we have learned. Educating our processes, how we write code, what technology choice is best for any situation, who is the best person to solve a problem.

Education is constantly learning about our strengths, weaknesses, and where we should partner with other firms to give our customers the best service possible.

A few examples of education we use on a regular basis:

  • Problem Solving - On every project we get new information on how things work. Applying this to subsequent projects helps solve problems, especially across industry boundaries.
  • The World Outside of Automation - Technology outside of a plant is making progress at super sonic speed. Remaining current on technology outside of our wheelhouse allows us to expand our services into new and exciting arenas.
  • Programming Standards - As we learn new and better ways of doing things we apply them to all of our code.

Do you participate in regular educational pursuits? Whether in a classroom or in the school of life we have found leading a life of education is a powerful tool.

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