Our Support Philosophy

By: Alex Marcy on February 05, 2015
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Long term support can be a hot-button issue. We don't think it ever needs to get to that point.

You should never regret your decision to work with a supplier

Our philosophy when it comes to relationships with our customers is simple. You should never feel obligated or forced to call us to fix something. You should only call us because you like working with us, we treat you well, you call us because we will help you, and you want us to be the ones on the other end of the line. We stand behind our work and will always be happy to fix any issues you find and will pick up the phone and give you any support you may need. Obviously there are some limitations around warranties so we may need to send you an invoice once all is said and done, still we don't want you to feel like your only option is to call us because you have no other choice.

Too many times we have worked with customers who called us in out of sheet desperation. They had it up to "here" with their current supplier, they got too busy to provide support or simply had disappeared off the face of the earth. The worst cases are usually 10 years later when some proprietary component has gone bad and the integrator is telling them it is either a full rip and replace with a new proprietary system or nothing.

We do not believe in this form of lock-in.

You should call us because you enjoy working with us, not because we are your only option.

If for whatever reason you think we failed to hold up our end of the bargain please let us know as soon as possible to give us a chance to rectify it. If we can't make it better we will at least make it as pain free as possible for you moving forward. We'll hold on to your code in case you need a backup. We'll spend a reasonable amount of effort answering questions on any of our custom software, and we go to great effort to write easy-to-follow code in the first place. If you need help finding someone else we will give you some recommendations.

You paid for your system, you worked along side us putting in the same blood, sweat, and tears we did. The last thing you should ever think is that you wasted your time and resources.

We work hard to make it easier for you to do your job. We are only successful when you are and we don't celebrate until we are cracking open some beers with you after a project is over. All of our lines of work can be hard enough when everyone gets along, we think it is easy to bond over the trials and tribulations and look to form long-lasting friendships with the people with whom we share the long hours.

When the time is right we like to play as hard as we work. We want you to come have fun with us. We can only do that if we can both pick up the phone and be excited to talk to each other.

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