Inductive Automation MES - Analyzing Your Data

By: Alex Marcy on December 16, 2014
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Inductive Automation's MES suite gives you easy access to analyze your data. Through dashboard elements, trends, reports, and KPIs all of your data is able to be used at any level of your organization.

Analyzing Your Data

All of the information from the MES modules is available to view using the built-in analysis tools. These include reports with various types of trends and charts, Pareto charts, KPIs, dashboard elements, and tabular data views. Automatic drill-down functionality is available where applicable giving you easy access to your information at any level of detail you need.

You can generate PDF reports from your information including the same controls available in the analysis screens, giving you the ability to automatically keep key personnel up to date on your process' health.

All of the analysis tools utilize various filters, including product codes, date ranges, work orders, cells, etc. This enables you to easily narrow down your information to exactly what you want to see, when you want to see it.

Accessing Your Information

With Ignition's unlimited client access licensing, configuring access to your information and reports is much simpler than in other platforms. To access any of the reports, dashboards, or trends you can simply open a web browser, navigate to the Ignition application and have access to everything. You can even do this on mobile devices.

Taking advantage of the concept of connecting the shop floor to the top floor is simple with Ignition. You can create user accounts in the system and give various departments access to different portions of the application. Maybe the C-Level staff only need to see a daily summary report with KPIs instead of tables of detailed process data. When they log into the system they will be shown buttons to take them to the screens relevant to them, while the operators will be taken to different screens. Should anyone need to see other screens you can enable their accounts as necessary.

The main benefit to this approach is everyone will have access to the latest and greatest version of everything every time they log into the system.

Wrapping Up

If you can imagine it you can build it using Inductive Automation's Ignition platform with their MES modules. You can easily make changes as your system and information needs grow without having to worry about what licenses are available for developing new features. If you want to add functionality you simply install a new module rather than a new software platform with its own communication requirements, interfaces, and tech support. The same tools you have been using to manage your process are the same ones you will continue to use moving forward.

If you haven't considered Inductive Automation before you should take a look at their refreshing approach to the industrial automation software world.

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