Piloting Your KPIs

By: Alex Marcy on October 27, 2014
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Implementing a KPI based performance monitoring program can be a complicated process. Learn how you can start small and avoid common pitfalls companies run into when rolling out a comprehensive system all at once.

One mistake organizations make when rolling out performance monitoring is to try and capture all of the data at one time. Instead of building a cultural foundation it is taken on as a project with a lot riding on its success.

This is an easy approach to start out with based on the marketing material and training for performance monitoring methodologies. After consuming a handful of brochures, books and webinars it might seem that performance monitoring is a silver bullet to solve all of your companies needs. While it is a great tool, performance monitoring is just that and by not learning how to use it properly on the small scale it can fail to live up to its expectations at scale. If you were new to construction would you get more return in the long run by building a mansion as your first project or building up to that after starting with a playhouse?

Starting small with a pilot test of performance monitoring at your company has some distinct advantages:

1. Wax on, Wax off

Just like most other things you have learned in life reading about it doesn't alone make you a master. Instead you learn more by starting with a small goal, figuring out how to achieve it and growing from there.

2. ...And that's the bottom line

By starting small you can prove the capability of performance monitor to provide an ROI. You can also learn how to build the tools into the culture and avoid wasting valuable resources by over-developing your tools up-front.

3. Engagement should come naturally

With a comprehensive approach to performance monitoring you will inevitably get pushback from some people who feel like they are being forced into a new paradigm. By starting small you can work with the people most likely to embrace the change and allow them to become your internal champions. Getting buy-in prior to rolling out performance monitoring is a much better way to ensure its success.

Looking Ahead

The next question you might have is where you should look to start with your performance monitoring efforts. Depending on your company you may have a lot of options, we will look at some common ones and some case studies in future posts.

We are always looking for ways to help our customers and others in any industry. If you would like to hear our opinions about anything in particular please feel free to reach out to us and let us know what you want us to include in future posts.

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