Have Software Do The Heavy Lifting

By: Mike Cammarato on October 21, 2014
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Often times projects take too long and cost too much when they are finished.

You are probably familiar with the responsibility of managing a project — obstacles that come with keeping on schedule — staying under budget — keeping the team focused.

On any project there are a lot of moving pieces. Whether you're building a deck or managing an expansion to a new facility there are common issues you will face. Dates get pushed back, material prices change, sub-contractors don't show up, and before you know it the schedule and budget are as good as gone.

Take a construction company. A project manager has many responsibilities, including, but not limited to:</>

  • Managing employees day to day tasks,
  • Coordinating sub-contractors' visits
  • Maintaining customer relationships
  • Checking email and messages to stay up to date with the main office
  • This amount of information can be overwhelming for one person to keep track of and often gets lost in translation.

    When the scope of work or the time of a meeting changes, material delivery is late, or the customer updates a request, not everyone on the team will be automatically updated, if at all.

    This makes it difficult to track what's getting done.

    That leads to the main office getting bits and pieces of information and a team in the field trying to finish a project on a faulty foundation.

    Through our experience working with projects both large and small we've seen anything and everything that can go wrong. That's what led us to building project management software to solve the headaches of staying on schedule, under budget, and in communication with your team.

    Project Management software is a framework for your every day processes that can be used as frequently or as little as necessary. Depending on how much communication you want, every major or minor change that happens can be pushed to anyone who needs to know automatically.

    We have seen countless situations where teams work better and communicate more efficiently by letting software do the heavy lifting for them. Take the construction company as an example. With a project management system in place, the foreman can handle changes in the field and update everyone on the project as things occur. The system can alert people in the way that best suits them, whether it be text message, email, or otherwise.

    Project management software is found in every industry and can be applied to any project.

    Every industry uses these systems in their own unique way.Our tools are flexible enough to support them all.

    The best way to implement a project management system at your company is to use it on a small project to get your feet wet. Chances are you and your team will find things you love and other things that need to be tailored to your specific needs. If you decide these systems are beneficial to your team and process, it's important to find a tool that can grow with your company.

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