By: Alex Marcy on 01-17-17
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Check out Corso Systems' time at the Siemens SCADA Days 2017 event in beautiful Las Vegas NV.

By: Alex Marcy on 03-08-16
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WinCC OA's newest release, 3.14, includes a built-in plant modeling tool that forms the foundation of building an information system on the ISA 95 standard, and enables rapid development and deployment of MES systems.

By: Alex Marcy on 07-17-15
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The MES Essentials Webinar was a big hit. Here is a link to a recording of the first session and a summary of the questions we received.

By: Alex Marcy on 07-10-15
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Want to know how OEE can directly improve your bottom line? Maybe you are interested in an MES system and are curious about the ROI. Learn why you should care about investing in these systems and how to think about them in the context of your business.

By: Alex Marcy on 06-19-15
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Learn the essentials of Pareto Analysis and how you can use it to easily prioritize your continuous improvement ovjectives.

By: Alex Marcy on 06-16-15
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This Step-By-Step tutorial series covers everything you need to know about using the web server in Siemens' S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLCs. After reading this series you will understand how to configure the web server, generate trends from data logs, handle recipe management in the PLC, and build a fully functional HMI and Reporting system you can use in any web browser, with mobile functionality built right in.

By: Mike Cammarato on 05-13-15
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Is there an easier way to see your entire operation at a glance?

By: Alex Marcy on 05-04-15
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Let's take a look at why simplicity is applicable even in the most complex situations.

By: Alex Marcy on 04-27-15
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Jaxon Energy teamed up with Corso Systems to develop a new control and information system for its Jackson, MS hydrotreating plant. Jaxon leveraged Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk software suite for robust operator control of the plant and secure remote access to real-time information.

Check out this in depth case study.

By: Alex Marcy on 04-15-15
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Virtual machines are a cost effective way to increase your productivity

By: Alex Marcy on 04-14-15
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Ask Us Anything. Seriously, try and stump us. You just might, or you just might be surprised at what we can come up with.

By: Alex Marcy on 04-14-15
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As your manufacturing empire grows, it becomes critical to have as a better handle on your supply chain. From raw materials, through manufacturing, all the way to your end users, knowing when things go wrong as soon as possible can save you time, headaches, and avoid costly recalls. Learn how to take the first step.

By: Alex Marcy on 04-07-15
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Across all industries, software platforms, development methodologies, what is our best tool?

By: Alex Marcy on 04-06-15
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Are you working at a world-class company? Great! If not, we're sharing a list of 25 things you can do to change that fact. This list is distilled from our collection of hundreds of items compiled in conjunction with manufacturing companies in a variety of industries.

By: Alex Marcy on 04-03-15
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In today's world there is no excuse for downtime or maintenance issues because you can't find the latest copy of the program. Keep everything up to date automatically with version control tools and save yourself some painful headaches.

By: Alex Marcy on 04-02-15
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Depending on who you ask there are any number of things you can do next. How do you know what to put on the top of your to-do list?

By: Alex Marcy on 03-31-15
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During our last startup someone asked us how in the world we get anything done with our people working wherever they want. Not only do we get things done, we think our approach has some huge advantages, even easing our burden on our customers' bottom line.

By: Alex Marcy on 03-26-15
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Technology makes it easier to get things done. Are you working on getting the right things done? If not you might just need to look at things a little differently to find things you never knew were possible.

By: Alex Marcy on 03-25-15
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With automation becoming more ubiquitous by the day, companies are looking for other ways to streamline their production processes. Start learning how Product Lifecycle Management is one step in the right direction.

By: Alex Marcy on 03-14-15
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Off-the-shelf automation software isn't always up to speed with the rest of the world. Let's take a look at why and how we are working to change that fact.

By: Alex Marcy on 02-05-15
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Throughout the course of your system's life you may want someone else to work on it. You should be allowed to.

By: Alex Marcy on 12-17-14
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After looking at all of the components of Inductive Automation's MES suite, we will summarize the key benefits of using it as a performance management solution for your plant.

By: Alex Marcy on 12-16-14
Tagged: KPI OEE Inductive Automation MES

Inductive Automation's MES suite gives you easy access to analyze your data. Through dashboard elements, trends, reports, and KPIs all of your data is able to be used at any level of your organization.

By: Alex Marcy on 12-15-14
Tagged: KPI OEE Inductive Automation MES

Like other popular MES packages, Inductive Automation's offering consists of a few components to give you the information you need to make better business decisions. The difference with Inductive Automation is their approach to licensing, installing software, and configuring the system.

By: Alex Marcy on 12-12-14
Tagged: KPI Inductive Automation MES

With all of the MES tools on the market it can be difficult to pick the right one. Inductive Automation thought the process of deciphering what part number to buy shouldn't be as complex as implementing the software and did something about it. In our 4-part series you will learn how Inductive Automation is doing things differently and how you can use their tools to easily improve your bottom line.

By: Alex Marcy on 11-19-14
Tagged: Education MES ERP

As manufacturing companies better understand how automation and information can reduce costs and increase profitability one metric they begin to rely on is cost-per-unit. Cost-per-unit is the amount of money involved in producing quantity: 1 of an item. This cost includes raw materials, energy, labor, overhead, shipping, inventory, etc. As plants become more intelligent this cost can be calculated in real-time, allowing usage of plants, production lines, and shifts to be optimized.

By: Alex Marcy on 11-17-14
Tagged: Siemens

After looking at all of the components of Siemens' Performance Management suite, we will summarize the key benefits of using these tools as a performance management solution for your plant.

By: Alex Marcy on 11-15-14
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After implementing KPIs in WinCC Performance Monitor you will need a way to visualize your Plant's performance. Simatic Information Server gives you an easy way to build reports and other visualizations you can use to analyze your data and use it as the information necessary to run your process at the highest standard.

By: Alex Marcy on 11-14-14
Tagged: KPI Siemens"

Siemens' performance management suite has three major components, the database, process communications and reporting/analysis. This post details the database and communications systems and how they can be used to integrate WinCC Performance Monitor into your process.

By: Alex Marcy on 11-14-14
Tagged: KPI OEE Siemens

Continuing our look into performance management tools we are taking a look at Siemens' solution using WinCC Performance Monitor and Simatic Information Server. We will discuss the system architecture, benefits, and details of implementation, including how to realize the ROI on your investment.

By: Mike Cammarato on 11-12-14
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Does automation have a positive or negative effect on jobs? Is a robot going to take your job? Read more to get our take.

By: Alex Marcy on 11-11-14
Tagged: FactoryTalk Metrics

After looking at all of the components of FactoryTalk Metrics, we will summarize the key benefits of using Metrics as a performance management solution for your plant.

By: Alex Marcy on 11-11-14
Tagged: FactoryTalk Metrics

After implementing your process model in FactoryTalk Metrics you want a way to access your performance data. Report Expert provides a quick and simple way to access the most common data used to assess plant performance with pre-configured reports capable of tracking your entire process or filtering down to any level of detail to answer your most important questions.

By: Alex Marcy on 11-11-14
Tagged: KPI OEE FactoryTalk Metrics

FactoryTalk Metrics has three major components, the database, process communications and reporting/analysis. This post details the database and communications systems and how they can be used to integrate FactoryTalk Metrics into your process.

By: Alex Marcy on 11-08-14
Tagged: KPI FactoryTalk Metrics

In today's world of fully automated processing it can be difficult to turn process data into useful information. One way of doing this is by using Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk Metrics solution. In this series we will cover the basics of what Metrics does and its benefits, detail on implementation, and how to quickly realize the ROI on your investment.

By: Mike Cammarato on 10-29-14
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Twitter and IBM partner up to give businesses a better understanding of how their customers feel.

By: Alex Marcy on 10-28-14
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The first step in measuring your performance is to understand what you are measuring. By learning and documenting your processes you can easily identify key results to use in your performance monitoring efforts.

By: Alex Marcy on 10-27-14
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Implementing a KPI based performance monitoring program can be a complicated process. Learn how you can start small and avoid common pitfalls companies run into when rolling out a comprehensive system all at once.

By: Alex Marcy on 10-26-14
Tagged: Empower KPI Information

Most companies have complex processes. Keeping everyone up to date on every aspect of operations can take a lot of time and lead to lots of confusion. Find out what many companies have found to be a better way.

By: Alex Marcy on 10-23-14
Tagged: Empower Information

Many companies have a handful of systems they use to run their day-to-day operations. Production scheduling, process data from the plant floor, shipping and receiving management, staff scheduling, etc. Most of the time these systems are implemented at different points of a company's lifecycle and are not designed with the other systems in mind. With today's technology making it easy to integrate systems into a cohesive tool, see how you can get more value from your existing infrastructure.

By: Mike Cammarato on 10-21-14
Tagged: Educate Project Management

Gain a deeper understanding of how project management software strengthens communication and does the hard work for you.

By: Alex Marcy on 10-20-14
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Learn how process data systems can enable you to track your brewing operation more effectively.

By: Alex Marcy on 10-19-14
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